A Mish-Mash of Ramblings

I hurt like hell right now. Monday evening after we got home, the bambino suggested that we exercise as a family. Jay and I are indeed out of shape and flabby, and there’s been a lot of talk about getting out the Jillian Michaels’ yoga DVD once again. But until Monday, that’s all it was–Talk. We did the workout, and holy CRAP are we out of shape! Both of us were doing mostly beginner poses, whereas before, we could at least attempt the intermediate and advanced poses. And two days later, all my muscles still ache. And we’re talking about doing it again tonight, although I think we might need one more day to heal up a bit.

I was supposed to go and get my haircut last night, but my stylist got sick. While I get a free haircut out of the deal, it meant I had to scramble for dinner. Jay and the bambino ended up with leftovers, but because it was almost 6:30 by the time I got the haircut rescheduled, I decided instead I’d pop out to Culver’s and get something. They had a new fish dinner that I tried–2 pieces of cod (battered and deep-fried, of course), fries, cole slaw (which I swapped out for a side salad, under the guise of being quasi-healthier, and because I just don’t like cole slaw) and a dinner roll. With a couple lemon wedges tucked under the fish, it was just like having Frisch’s Fish & Chips dinner. I miss that place.

Tonight, though, I planned dinner a little better, and made a dish I tried a couple years ago, from Memorie di Angelina: Straccetti di Manzo con la Rughetta. I think the first time I made it was 2 years ago–And in looking at the publication date on the original post, it was March of 2010 (I’m not going to bother going back to dig up my entry on it). I remember though, arugula was fairly new to this area, because I couldn’t find it, and I ended up subbing spinach instead. Now that arugula’s more widely available in Brookings, I thought this time I’d use the real thing.

Before we left for work, I had intended to slice up the beef, in the event that we did yoga after we got home. I do remember that taking the longest amount of time as far as prep work went. But I didn’t get around to it, as I putzed around this morning more than I should’ve. And it actually worked out, as I had a craptastically busy day today. By the time I was ready to leave I was done. Mentally drained, physically exhausted, and with a kitchen to clean before I could cook anything, there was no way I was cooking dinner. So we went to Nick’s.

After we ate there, we popped out to the grocery store where Jay bought me a treat:

I’m actually waiting on a prize package from Talenti Gelato, which may or may not include free gelato (all I know is that I get some Talenti swag, and I’m assuming some free gelato is part of the package) but in the meantime (and because I’m cheap and Jay was treating), I thought I’d try this.

I had a larger-than-suggested portion, and it was delicious! Very cocoa-y. I got a fun surprise in the mail, too:

Art! Courtesy of Sacha, one of the first bloggers I started reading, back when we were both at Blog-City. She’s awesomely creative, and sells her work online. You should go and check out her stuff.

And as long as I’m rambling, and assuming you made it through the end of this entry, you’ll notice I have a few ads at the bottom of my blog now. I decided (because I’m still hoping that one of these days, I can at least get this thing to pay for itself) to try out some Google ads. They are click-through ads, so I don’t get paid anything unless people click on them…But in the 3 days I’ve had them up, I’ve already earned more than I have in the past TWO months with Foodie Blogroll. I don’t plan on leaving the Foodie Blogroll–I like the freedom they allow as far as working with food companies and such. But, to whoever has been clicking on the Google ads, thank you!!!