“It’s been a long time since I rock & rolled…”

Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve had the energy to write, clean my kitchen, focus on much of anything. Long story short, we’ve had a lot of stuff going on at work, that I probably shouldn’t mention (just because we do now have a social media policy, and I’d like to remain employed), but it’s made for a very long two weeks. My kitchen is a disaster at the moment, because while I’ve had the energy to do basic meals (burgers, pizzas, repurposing leftovers, etc.), I have let the mess pile up. It’s not at epic proportions yet, but it’s to the point where it’s beginning to make me a little nutty and on-edge.

Thursday┬ánight, I wasn’t even home. Melissa sent me an email–She meets with a group of friends every Thursday evening for half-priced drinks and cheap apps at one of the bars here in town, and invited me along. I texted Katie to see if she wanted to come too, so right after work, we popped over. Four hours, three White Russians, and several boneless buffalo wings later, I got home. I read the bambino a story (apparently he stayed up waiting for me), got my pajamas on, watched some “Are You Being Served?” with Jay, then flopped into bed. My plans were to clean up the kitchen and actually cook Friday evening (assuming I didn’t fall flat on my face from exhaustion).

But like with many things, what I think I want to accomplish, and what I actually accomplish end up being very different. I got thinking while at work on Friday, that instead of cooking, we’d grab some Nick burgers, run our errands, come home for our weekend ritual of tea and biscuits, and I’d get off my duff and clean the kitchen. I could start Saturday off with the pancakes and sausage, get some cleaning and laundry done, then relax come Sunday.

So after Jay and the bambino picked me up from work, we went over to Nick’s and ate, then popped over to traM-laW because the bambino wanted to look at Legos, and I could get my grocery stuff there (which I hate doing, I really do. I feel unclean whenever I buy food there). After that, we popped into Buttercrust–Friday morning I’d promised the bambino he could get a cookie there when I picked up milk. I also picked up a lovely loaf of sourdough:

I’m seeing some paninis in that sourdough’s future. After we got home and puttered around for a bit, Jay made himself some tea and had some cookies. I was talking to my dad for a bit, then got myself some tea and cookies (although we’re nerdy enough that we keep saying “tea and biscuits”):

They were quite tasty, although I should start buying and drinking decaf tea. I didn’t have trouble falling asleep, but I got woken up shortly after midnight last night, and it took me while to both fall back asleep and stay asleep.

I got up and made myself coffee and debated on whether or not to start cleaning up the kitchen. In the end, I opted to put that off for a bit, and waited until after Jay and the bambino woke up. Then I got to work on breakfast.

Food & Wine’s Cinnamon Polenta Pancakes.

I thought they’d be a fun change from my regular pancake recipe. I liked them–I thought they tasted sweet without being syrupy-sweet (even with the addition of the maple syrup), and they were slightly nutty. Almost like a cinnamon cornbread. The bambino didn’t finish his, and Jay only had two of them, which means there are leftovers for me for next week. I might try them with a dollop of Greek yogurt and some thawed frozen berries.

In the meantime, because it’s so cold today, I think we’re just going to stay indoors, and I’m going to get the laundry done. That way tomorrow, I can spend the day baking and cooking. I’d said I wasn’t going to bake anything to take to work for awhile, but I found a recipe for Chocolate Velvet Cupcakes with Browned Butter Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting. What I might do is find out from the people on my treat list whether or not it’s worth bringing a batch in, or if we’ll just eat them all here at home! Or maybe this time, I’ll make Jay take a bunch into his workplace.

And as long as I’m in semi-griping mode…I kind of hate the fact that at least twice now, I’ve got ads for finding singles in my hometown plastered all over my blog. I’ve rolled my eyes each time I see them–I wish there was a way to get rid of them, but I don’t think I can. Oh well. I guess it could be worse. One morning I got online and found ads for meeting hot Russian women (I’m not making this up) on my blog. I laughed at that, but thankfully those didn’t last too long! Aside from the ads, I’ve noticed my little Facebook “like” page has been hanging out at 48 fans or whatever for what seems like ages. I hate being that blogger who’s “Oh, I’m just X number of followers away from 200” or “Like my blog Facebook page and leave a comment if you want to enter my giveaway,” but I will admit that it’d be nice to break the 50 likes mark. So I’ll just leave it at that. And with that, I’m off to shuffle laundry around!