A Meatless Monday

When I asked the bambino last night if he’d prefer pancakes or pork chops for dinner tonight, to my surprise, he chose pancakes. Jay doesn’t seem to mind “vegetarian night” if I do breakfast-for-dinner, and tonight was no exception.

Thankfully pancakes are simple to make, even without a mix. I always like to doctor mine, and tonight I threw in cinnamon, nutmeg & vanilla. They were tasty.

I opted for some Dark Chocolate Dreams, with a granola square crumbled on top.

Jay had 3 with the standard butter & syrup on them, and the bambino had 3, each with a different topping. His first was Naturally Nutty with some syrup, his second was Dark Chocolate Dreams (also with some syrup), and his last was the standard butter, with some syrup. Lest anyone think I’m feeding my kid too much sugar, he got about a tablespoon worth of syrup overall. Okay, I did also let him have some dessert:

Aren’t they adorable? I can’t take credit though–Melissa made them over the weekend. So cute! Jay and I had a dessert of sorts, too. We had a TON of leftovers from the party, including 2 unopened bags of tortilla chips. I asked if I could take one, and was told I could.

I LOVE this style of tortilla chip! I didn’t bother reading the nutritional info on the bag, but I’m sure they’re utterly horrible for you. And I’m sure my choice of topping didn’t help:

When I was a kid, my dad worked for Zantigo Restaurant (think Taco Bell, only a million times better), and one of the things my sister Kendra & I loved was their chips & cheese. Another favorite was the cheese tostada…We used to try & recreate them at home, after Taco Bell bought the franchise for which my dad worked. Ahh, memories. I have to admit, I had no idea they were even still around, but apparently there are a few scattered around Minnesota. Interesting.