A Monday on a Tuesday

I just realized that the title of my post yesterday was incorrect. Yesterday was Monday, not Sunday. Ah, well. It felt like a Sunday! And predictably, today was like a Monday. I was very glad to come home, especially when I found this on the porch:

And inside?

Treats! My prize package from Megan at Foodalution!

Nutorious snacks. The bambino and I opened the Cranberry Orango Tango–Tasty! Also in the box were some Peeled Snacks.

The Farmers Market Trio is already gone, and I didn’t get any of it! Jay munched on it while I was cooking dinner.

Bow-Tie Pasta with Caramelized Cherry Tomatoes and Sausage.

And the bread rolls I made yesterday.

It took a little while, mainly because of prep work, but it was worth the wait.

I never have fresh herbs–The recipe calls for fresh basil, but I subbed dried. I was a little surprised at how much Jay really liked it.

I thought at most he’d say it was good, maybe add more sausage or cheese or something, but he kept raving about it. Which is fine–We had a lot of leftovers, which he and I both can take to work tomorrow. I joined a walking club at work, and it started up this afternoon. I had to pop home to get socks and my walking shoes, but since I’m doing it with Katie, I didn’t want to bail on the very first day!

After dinner, I decided to make the cupcakes I didn’t get around to last night. As soon as I started adding in the flour and milk, I realized I made a big mistake.

Too much butter in the batter!

A #CupcakeFail. Which is too bad, because I wasted an entire pack of mini cupcake liners. I’ll try again either tomorrow or Thursday night!