“Comin’ up this weekend…”

I don’t care that I have to work tomorrow, I am SO glad it’s Friday! It looks to be a busy weekend, as we’re taking the bambino to see Toy Story 3 tomorrow afternoon, and then we’ll head to Sioux Falls on Sunday. I need a couple new shirts for work, as well as a restock on pens that Hal introduced me to awhile ago (I’m also picking some up for him and Allison). Anyone who knows me even remotely well knows I have an obsession with pens and office supplies in general!

I had a decent breakfast this morning, after having finally gone to the grocery store. Fruit:


And some yogurt:

And yes, that is whole-milk, full-fat yogurt, and it was delicious. I love cream-top yogurt. I alternate between scooping off the layer of cream and eating it as-it, or mixing it into the rest of the yogurt. Today, I mixed it in, along with the granola.

I was hoping that because I took another day off from working out that it’d tide me over until break time, but it wasn’t quite enough. I was rather hungry at 10 o’clock.

The afternoon kind of flew by, as I was working on a bunch of letters for a couple of the officers. It kept me out of the file room (although I did remember to bring my MP3 player today), which was fine by me!

And when we got home, I got to work on dinner–Cheese & bacon paninis, with fries, and fruit. I have to say, I’m a bit puzzled by the Hormel Natural Choice Bacon I picked up last night. It fried up a little weird:

I know bacon usually gets all curled up and bends when fried, but I do believe this is the first time I’ve seen it shrink up into an angle. And it’s not like I used a mini-skillet to fry it in:

Still, it tasted fine. I tried out the Breadman once again, hoping that my last batch of paninis was just a fluke.

And it seems to be:

Or maybe I just didn’t leave my last ones on long enough. These turned out perfectly fine.

The cheese was nice & melted, and while they weren’t cooked on that fun French fry pan that I’ve decided I really need, the fries were fine too. I had some fruit on the side as well:

And to cap off the evening, a nice heaping bowl of Neapolitan ice cream:

And with that, I think I shall go put on my flannel pants, and hunker down for some “Dateline NBC.” I’m kind of excited for tomorrow morning…A new coffee shop has opened in Brookings, and I told Hal this afternoon that I’d swing by there and pick us up some java before I come into work. I especially like the fact that it’s a stone’s throw from the bambino’s daycare, and they have a drive-thru, which will make my mornings when I drop him off myself that much more enjoyable. I don’t mind Mickey Dee’s coffee in a pinch, but sometimes I want a latte or some cappuccino, and I don’t always have the time to go all the way to Hy-Vee & get some Starbucks or to pop over to Cottonwood.