A Rare Doubleheader

I know I already posted once today, but I wound up with enough material that I felt like doing another one! I ended up going to lunch with Allison and Lisa this afternoon. I had to switch lunches, and Allison invited me along to the Old Market.

It was really good. I don’t know what they use to batter their fries, but it’s really good. They’re like a cross between a potato chip and a French fry. The Market Burger was good too. This time around the sauce was a bit spicier than the first time I had it, which I thought made for a better burger. I got a cupcake too:

It’s supposed to be Red Velvet, but it wasn’t quite as red as I was expecting. It was still pretty good. And speaking of cupcakes, the liners I ordered showed up today:

And my favorites:

Plaid!!! I got the last box of them from Cupcake Swirl. Only 20 are in that box, so I think I’m going to save them for something special. Or save up a buttload of money and order a ton more directly from the manufacturer! While we were out and about, Jay also bought me these:

I’ve had my eye on them for awhile. Thankfully Buttercrust finally got more milk in stock, and Friday happens to be a day where they also have pizza dough available. Of course, it was gone by the time we got there, but they also make it on Saturdays, so I might try again tomorrow after I get off work. My boss was nice enough to let me go at 4 this afternoon, and while I could’ve had dinner on the table at a relatively reasonable hour, it was still after 6:30 before we ate:

Pizza. I still had 3 flatbreads left over from the night I made those cheeseburger melts. I thought I had some Jiffy pizza crust in the cupboard, but either I’ve already used it, or it’s hidden away very well. No matter. Jay was so tired he didn’t really care what he ate, and the bambino picked at his. Jay and I had our tea and dessert once we finished eating:

The Brown Sugar Cream Pie. Diana, make this ASAP. I am glad I cut it into eight smallish pieces, though. This sucker’s RICH.

Jay described it as a sparkling sugary-sweet, nothing saccharine or syrupy. One slice was MORE than enough, although I probably will go back and polish off the rest of the whipped cream, just because I can!