Finally Friday

I swear, this really has felt like the longest week. Today started off on a good note, though. I cracked open my first grapefruit of the season, and it was a beaut:

I love Ruby Reds. I get geeked whenever citrus is back in season, and I was geeked when I sat down to breakfast. Plus, I got to use my new grapefruit spoon! It didn’t prevent me from still squirting grapefruit juice all over myself, but I didn’t really have to fight to cut the fruit. I can’t wait to eat the other half tomorrow morning!

I asked Allison if we were still on for lunch, which we were, and she suggested the Old Market. I jumped at it, since I haven’t been there yet. The bank I work for used to be housed in the same building, and it was a little surreal being back there:

When I was a teller, this used to be part of the drive-up area. The seats are actually where the lanes of the drive-up used to be. It’s changed so much, it was hard to figure out where everything used to be. For my meal, I chose the Market Burger:

Minus the onion and avocado, it was awesome. I really liked the red pepper sauce on it, although I’d’ve liked it to be just a smidge spicier. I think I was supposed to get fries, a salad or soup with my order, but I got salad and fries:

I don’t know what they use for batter on the fries, but it’s really good too. We also got some dessert:

They apparently ran out of to-go containers, so they brought the cupcakes out in cups. Allison had a carrot cake cupcake, and I chose the almond cake with chocolate buttercream.

Unfortunately, I was so stuffed from my burger and fries, I had to wait until my afternoon break before I could dive into it. I would’ve loved a cold glass of milk to go with it, but I had to settle for lukewarm break room coffee. Still, the cupcake was worth the wait. I just wish I could get mine to look as pretty!

Allison and I forgot to discuss the cookies that I’m going to make for her. I’m going to make frosted sugar cookies, gingersnaps, Flourtrader’s Happy Jacks cookies, and cookies with red and green M&Ms. She liked the choices, and I’m feeling up to the challenge of making 200 cookies for her. Having the mixer will help–It’s supposed to arrive Monday! I’m going to have to rearrange my counter to make some room for it!