Wednesday Rambles

I Heart Glen

We are back from our weekend in Omaha. I posted a few things on my Instagram Stories, if you followed along there. 

The whole point of the trip was to see The Slackers, and they did not disappoint. I hadn’t been this excited for a concert since I saw The Replacements five years ago.

sign advertising Slackers concert

I purposely booked us as close as possible (and as cheaply as possible) to the venue, and it turned out, we were only two blocks away. This came in handy, as you will soon read.

There was a restaurant right next door to the Slowdown, so we walked over there to eat before we went to the concert. Since it was a Friday night, I figured if we had to wait or anything, it wouldn’t matter. I was also still under the assumption that there were two opening bands, and wasn’t all that concerned if we missed the first one (it turned out the first opening band cancelled).

Pork Carnitas Tacos

We took our time with eating, which was good, because the service was a little on the slow side, and the place had filled up by the time we left.

As it turned out, we ended up eating at the table next to about half of The Bishops – an Omaha-based Ska band. We overheard bits and pieces of their conversations and just assumed that they were going to see the show too. We didn’t realize they WERE part of the show until we went to the Slowdown, and the three guys who straggled into the restaurant and sat down with the two women who arrived right after we did wound up on the stage.

Their bass player was manning their half of the merch table when I went to buy a couple Slackers t-shirts, and gave me a little grief about not buying anything from them. I told him I wanted to reserve judgement until after I’d heard them play. He assured me I’d be back (and he was right).

Slackers Merchandise

They played their set, and we all danced and had fun – Even the bambino. However, he decided he was tired and ready to go after The Slackers hit the stage. They were about two or three songs into their set when Jay made the decision that they’d go back to the hotel while I stayed put.

Right before that though, some drunk skinhead moon-stomping jackass not only stepped on the bambino’s foot while trying to get past us, but grabbed Jay by the shoulders and got in his face, trying to start something. Jay didn’t take the bait, and thankfully the guy moved on for the time being.

After they left, the guy and a couple of friends were being obnoxious and kept ramming into another woman and myself. I treated them like they were moshing and just kept pushing them back.

At one point though, the guy that grabbed Jay did the same thing to exactly the wrong person. There was some shoving and lots of pushing, and someone finally went and got security, because the pushing and shoving kept spreading and involving more and more people.

And then Drunken Moon-Stomper was forcibly removed from the club, and there was much rejoicing (seriously, me and about six other people clapped and cheered when that happened). 

And we all proceeded to enjoy the rest of the show. I took a few video snippets, danced until the very end, and it was yet another awesome concert experience.

(Also, my love for Glen Pine’s voice has swelled to epic proportions. I’d only ever heard studio recordings and live videos posted online. He sounds even more incredible in person.)

The band asked on their Facebook page for anyone willing to share video they took at the show with them, and I messaged them a couple before I finally unwound and went to sleep. I awoke the next morning to discover they’d shared it on their page!

Slackers Concert Video

(No, that’s not the actual video – Just a screenshot. I don’t want to be slapped with an ASCAP fine or anything like that.)

The rest of the weekend was fun. We went to the Omaha Zoo, which quite honestly, was miserable. I’m not big into zoos or animals in general anyway, but I went because Jay and the bambino didn’t get to visit the Columbus Zoo when we were in Ohio

That, of course, was the hottest day of the year so far. And because I was out so late the night before, we decided to meet up with Jay’s sister and her boys right at noon. Brilliant, Rachel.

I made it about two and a half hours before I said I was done and wanted to get away from people and the heat. So we then agreed to meet up for dinner. And lemme tell you, Steak Chilaquiles are THE BEST THING EVER.

Steak Chilaquiles

I tried in vain to clean my plate, but alas, I could not. We also had chips and queso that I filled up on, as I apparently need to eat all the tortilla chips.

Macchiato Sidecar

We stopped at Culprit Cafe and Bakery before leaving town, instead of eating the free hotel breakfast. The bambino noticed right away that they had Boston Cream Donuts, so of course I had to get one. And it was quite possibly the best Boston Cream Donut I think I have ever had.

Boston Cream Donut

I think what sealed it for me was the cream-to-donut ratio. Most Boston Cream Donuts are rather stingy with the filling. This was almost nothing BUT filling, and the ganache on top was a bittersweet chocolate, rather than sweet chocolate.

I’m kind of kicking myself now for not going back to clean them out of all the other Boston Cream Donuts.