Home again, home again, jiggity-jig…

I was under orders to have my picture taken before I left Huron this weekend…With this:

Yes, that is apparently the World’s Largest Pheasant, South Dakota’s state bird.

I told Jay that I find it rather hard to believe that in 52 years, no one’s built a bigger bird. He pointed out that building large fiberglass pheasants probably isn’t at the top of most normal people’s lists and perhaps people are being kind & not taking away some of the little notoriety Huron, SD retains, thanks to the pheasant. I have to say, though, I’m somewhat disappointed in the photo-shooting area:

The bambino & I are in there. I should’ve thought to show Jay how to use the zoom on my camera, but I didn’t. Besides, then the pheasant’s head probably would’ve been cut off! No matter. I have a love for large “things” such as this. I like the kitch-factor.

We’d talked about stopping in De Smet for lunch, at the Oxbow Restaurant. I haven’t eaten there in a few years and I remember it being really good. However, until just now, I didn’t bother to see if there was any information online about them, and we (naively) assumed that because De Smet is a small town and it’s Sunday, they probably weren’t open. That, and Jay wasn’t hungry anyway. We were surprised when we drove by and saw the parking lot completely full. Had we/I known that, I would’ve made us stop anyway–Just to try their breakfast. Jay pointed out, De Smet’s like 30-35 minutes away…We can go back there any time. Perhaps next Sunday, I might weasel a brunch from the Oxbow.

Once we got back to town and got settled back in, I ventured out to the grocery store. I actually went twice, once to Hy-Vee, and again to Wal-Mart. I hate shopping at Wal-Mart, I really do. However, when they carry certain items that Hy-Vee doesn’t, or they carry things at a much lower price…I can’t help myself. But for the blog purposes, here’s what I got from Hy-Vee first:

I stocked up on beef from the farmers market last Wednesday, but the bambino requested hamburgers for dinner tonight, and since I hadn’t taken anything out, I had to pick up some meat. The chicken is just for stock-piling purposes. And because I really like chicken.

The buns are for the burgers. And for the BBQ chicken sandwiches I’ll most likely make tomorrow night. I was thinking some buffalo chicken sandwiches might be tasty, but I gave the bambino the option of a plain chicken sandwich or BBQ chicken. He wanted BBQ chicken.

Yogurt, and lots of it. We’ve all been out for awhile, and I plan on having some smoothies for breakfast this week.

Fries, to accompany the burgers. I am getting a little burned out on the sweet potato fries, so I went with the less-healthy but still tasty option.

Pantry stuff. I think later tonight or early tomorrow, I’m going to make No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Bars, from Gingerbread Bagels. I can’t resist anything with chocolate & peanut butter. But, I needed butter and oats. Enter traM-laW (for some reason, Jay & I are always referring to it this way):

Oats for the chocolatey-peanut-buttery goodness, and cereal for breakfast. I need something more than just cereal or smoothies for breakfast–Assuming that I don’t want to be starving by 9:00 with an hour to go before my break time. I’m hoping the combination of a smoothie and a small bowl of cereal will tide me over.

Berries, for the smoothies. Sorry Hy-Vee, but these are cheaper at traM-laW, and they have more of a variety. Even though basically, I just like strawberries & raspberries.

Butter. Organic butter. About $4.80/lb., but it’s almost $8/lb. at Hy-Vee for the salted variety. Unless I want to buy Horizon Organics, but I don’t. Not only do I not buy that a massive factory farm can be truly organic, but every time I’ve bought their butter, I swear it’s already gone rancid. If only Hy-Vee would start carrying the Full Circle brand! Or make a Hy-Vee brand! Better yet, Organic Valley could just send me a ton of it…But I know in reality that’s never going to happen.

I’m starting to get a little hungry, and I think it’s time I got to work on our burgers. I’m hoping we’ve got some sliced cheese…A cheeseburger sounds most excellent this evening.