“Nobody knows where the money goes…”

I was pleased to see the farmers market hopping this morning. I even ran into a couple coworkers there. As usual, I attempted to take pictures, but my craptastic camera didn’t cooperate. I’m beginning to see visions of a new Olympus in my future. No matter, though. I came away with a decent amount of stuff, although I didn’t get the bread I wanted:

I did get my farm eggs, though. I emailed someone at Sperlich Gardens earlier in the week, to ask about the eggs, only to hear back that they only have those on Saturdays. Which was fine. Jay & the bambino went with me, and the bambino got himself a nice chocolate chunk cookie. I like the fact that they’re all different sizes and colors:

I’ve got some bacon I should use up, so there will most likely be a breakfast of bacon & eggs in the very near future.

I also picked up more beef, although neither Cliff or the folks from Hegerfeld were there. Someone was selling on behalf of Cliff, so I got some grass-fed ground beef and a couple sirloins for tomorrow’s dinner. Even though I don’t like buying it, I’ve been craving sweet corn, so I did get some as well:

The bank usually contracts with one of the local farms, so every August, we get sweet corn delivered once a week, and employees are able to take what they want. It’s a really nice perk, and I’ve gotten a little hesitant to buy it just for that reason. But grilled sweet corn has been sounding SO good lately, and I figured that with those steaks, it would be a good addition.

We’ll see how Carper’s sweet corn is.

After much hemming & hawing, I also went grocery shopping, although I was afraid that Hy-Vee would be swamped. Thankfully, it wasn’t. I stocked up on a few things there:

One of these days, I really need to get an actual tray for the top of my microwave, to hold all the spices that don’t fit in my spice rack, instead of that crappy paper box top. All in due time. It’s so freakin’ HOT outside that I just did up some quick paninis for lunch:

Mine got a little more done than I’d’ve liked, but it was okay. I tried some Flat-Outs which were okay. They’re nice in a pinch, when it’s too warm to fire up the oven and bake bread, and I don’t have any thawed.

I need to give myself a pedicure–The bambino is going to spend a couple hours with his grandparents this evening, so that Jay & I can attend a reception for my boss’s son, who got married last weekend. Jay works with the new bride, so I figured it’d be a nice evening out for the two of us (and a good excuse for he & the bambino to get haircuts!). It’s too hot for pants, and since I refuse to wear sandals without painted toenails, I need to redo them. And go put clean sheets on my bed. And iron Jay’s pants. And shower. Time to step away from the computer for awhile!