This post is sponsored by OXO.

For about the past 5 years, give or take, we’ve had a vegetable garden. Gardening seems to be in Jay’s blood–His dad does vegetables, and his mom does flowers. I jokingly refer to their front yard as Mary’s Jungle in the summer time. I personally eschew the outdoors for the most part–Seasonal allergies of the worst kind make it difficult to spend more than 30 minutes outdoors and actually enjoy oneself. Still, Jay grows food, and I try to cook most of it before it goes bad. Which happens more frequently than either of us would like.

Because South Dakota has such a short growing season, Jay always starts his plants indoors, from seeds. Every year there are a variety of peppers, both hot and sweet, lots of tomatoes, corn, potatoes, carrots and radishes. This year he’s also growing herbs, although those won’t be in the garden–We’ve got some grow lights in the basement. But for those items that will eventually end up in the garden, OXO sent us a bunch of garden tools to help tending them until they’re ready to go into the ground.

Compost Bin

And for starters, here’s the Compost Bin! We’ve been talking for a couple years about starting a compost pile. Which we have–with some help from this.

Compost Bin

  • Convenient size and design for everyday counter-top use
  • Lid flips up for easy filling and flips down to lock in odors
  • Smooth interior walls prevent foods and liquids from building up
  • Contoured bottom and removable lid makes emptying simple
  • Rotating handle for easy transport of waste to outdoor composter

I don’t empty it as frequently as I probably should–It’s recommended to empty it every day, but I don’t think it gets all that full. Still, it’s amazing between this and our recycling just how much waste we’ve cut down on!

Several of the other tools Jay found really handy, like the Indoor Pour and Store Watering Can:

Indoor Pour & Store Watering Can

  • Spout rotates back toward the body for easier filling and space-efficient storage
  • Water levels in the clear spout line up with measurement markings on the body for easy measuring
  • Continuous soft, non-slip handle for a comfortable, secure grip when carrying and pouring at all heights
  • Removable rose attachment stores conveniently in the back of the Can
  • 3.17qt/3L capacity
  • Comes in green, blue and fuchsia

Indoor Pour & Store Watering Can 2

He’d bought a cheaper one that ended up breaking, so he’d just been watering the plants using an old stadium cup he had to constantly refill. He also liked the Garden Scissors:

Garden Scissors


  • Durable, serrated, stainless-steel cutting blades
  • 1/2-inch-diameter cutting capacity provides excellent cutting power
  • Soft, comfortable, non-slip grip
  • Conveniently located locking switch is accessible by both left- or right-handed users

He used them for trimming this tomato plant, and will continue using them as needed on other tomato and pepper plants as they grow. They’re solid enough that if he needs to, he can use them for pruning once the garden really gets growing!

Even the bambino got to try out one of the tools:

Compact Dustpan and Brush

To be fair, I did have him pose with this Compact Dustpan and Brush. He thought they were just right for someone his size, which they are. But they’re also perfect for when Jay is transplanting plants and gets soil all over the carpet. Which sometimes happens.

  • Perfect for kitchens, craft rooms and cars
  • Slim shape allows for convenient storage
  • Brush snaps into Dust Pan and stores with the bristles covered
  • Soft rubber lip conforms to surfaces for efficient cleaning
  • Soft, comfortable handle is angled for countertop use

I might just swipe it, though, and keep it in the kitchen, for all those times I spill flour on the floor!

With all these new tools from OXO, I have a feeling we’ll have our best garden yet this year! Now, if they can just help me with canning in the Fall…!

DISCLOSURE: I was provided a set of gardening tools in exchange for this post. No other compensation has been given. All thoughts and opinions are mine, Jay’s and the bambino’s.