“I wear it on my sleeve…”

I’m not overly thrilled about having to go back to work tomorrow…I do wish I could be a full-time blogger. I would love to stay home and pick a recipe each day to make and then write about. However, that is a LONG way off, assuming that I devote the time & energy into making that happen (and saving, since I apparently just have to have a DSLR if I’m going to be any kind of a serious food blogger). And quite honestly, I don’t think it will. Besides, I know myself well enough that I couldn’t stand to be cooped up in my house all day long, all the time. I’d have to work in the evenings, or something. I kind of got thinking about that this afternoon, after I cancelled my useless membership to MyBlogSpark. Once I left Foodbuzz, I joined them, with the idea that maybe I’d just get some stuff here & there to review, occasionally to give away, and that’d be it. Ha! Apparently, for them to pay attention to you, you almost have to be a mommy-giveaway-coupon-blogger, and that’s not exactly me. Still, I emailed them about 2 weeks ago, to see if there was something I wasn’t doing that I should, and just to let them know, “Hey! I’m alive here…Pay attention to me!” Nada. No response, not even a form email saying “Thank you for your interest. Someone will get back to you shortly.” So, today, I cancelled my membership (after telling them exactly why I was doing so), and took the widget off  my blog. No sense in wasting more time or getting my hopes up each time I check my Gmail account. But a couple times in the past 2 months, I Googled the giveaways relating to MyBlogSpark, and found all sorts of stuff being posted almost on a daily basis. I suppose I just got fed up with being ignored, which is why I cancelled said membership. That, and outside of the Kix 6-pack or the Land O’Lakes Cinnamon Butter Spread (2 things I’ve seen for giveaways out in yon blogosphere), there’s not much I’d be willing to review or do a giveaway for anyway, so maybe it’s all for the best. Fiber One Cereal? Got samples of that like a year ago & wasn’t overly thrilled with it.

It’s been grey & kind of gloomy today, and I think that’s why I’m a little maudlin and slightly cranky today. That, and I’m in the midst of the mother of all allergy attacks right now. Between the ragweed and all the dust I stirred up while cleaning this morning, I am miserable. To the point that if I had a gun, I’d blow my nose off. I’ve actually been blowing my nose enough today that it’s now bleeding on the inside. Fabulous. And I feel sinus pressure building up in the right side of my face. I’ve said for years that I’d never go through sinus surgery or get my sinuses cleaned–My mom had a friend when I was a kid who had that done and said it was the worst pain she’d ever felt in her life. I’ve been terrified ever since. However…In the 3 1/2 years since I’ve had the bambino, my battles with sinus infections and other problems are slowly making me reconsider.

In between cleaning and sneezing, I also popped up to work for about an hour. There was a “lunch & learn” session on food preservation–Canning, freezing and drying.

It’s too bad that the woman from the County Extension will be losing her job as of October. She seemed fairly nice. After I got home, I got to work on some cupcakes.

Peanut Butter Cream Filled Brownie Cupcakes, from Gingerbread Bagels, to be exact. Yes, there is one missing. Jay didn’t want to wait for me to fill them. Mine aren’t nearly as pretty as Lindsey’s, but they’re tasty:

Okay, I’m clogged enough I can barely taste them, but I assume they’re good. Jay commented on how chocolatey they were (before the peanut butter cream filling), and that’s usually a good thing.

I also semi-recreated the Italian sausage sliders from Johnny Carino’s.

Johnny Carino’s sliders were half-sausages sliced through the middle, and they looked grilled. I have no idea if they used mozzarella or provolone, but I chose provolone for mine. And while I generally only use Amy’s Family Marinara, I opted for something cheaper (Amy’s is $7/jar at the grocery store), and puréed the hell out of it–A commenter once suggested I do that after I mentioned my dislike of chunky marinara sauces.

They were good.

Really good. I made Jay leave me 2 of them so I could take them for lunch tomorrow. We had some chips with the sliders:

Popchips! Usually I go for the Salt & Vinegar or the Plain chips, but I thought these would go better with the sliders. And they did.

And now that it’s taken me like 2 hours to finish this entry (even though I started it around 2:30 this afternoon!), I should probably get myself to bed. It’ll be a little weird heading back to work tomorrow!