Wednesday Rambles

bridge over mississippi river at sunset

It’s the middle of the week, and for once, I’m not dying just to get to the weekend. I’m also working this Friday, something I haven’t voluntarily done in about a year now (mandatory overtime, obviously, does not count).

We spent the past weekend back in Moline, to collect the bambino from my mother and sister. He enjoyed his time with his cousins and is already looking forward to repeating this exact same two week period again next summer.

Gods willing, next year, I won’t have frakking bronchitis to deal with. That was/still is miserable. At least I’m no longer coughing to the point of choking.

trays of brightly colored donuts in a case

Ever since I happened upon the area, the more time I spend in and around the Quad Cities, the more I’m growing to love it. It was total happenstance that led me to find a hotel relatively close to the highway, so that we could spend the night on our way out to Ohio.

That was back when we found out my dad was dying, so the area is a little bittersweet to visit. There’s a lot that reminds me of Cincinnati, though. The hills, the river running through the area, the old-soul feeling in the air.

I’ve been trying to plant the seed regarding maybe one day moving out there. Not anytime soon. I’ve promised the bambino that I will stay put in Brookings until he graduates high school.

But seeing as he’s very likely going to leave South Dakota for college anyway…That would be the time to go. We’ve got a few years to think about it (and work on fixing up the house).

On the one hand, it makes me a little sad, ever since I realized I very likely will never live in Ohio again. On the other hand, I feel kind of like I’ve rediscovered that feeling of “home” elsewhere. And that’s rather nice.

Mississippi river at sunset with city in background

Does anyone else get that feeling when they travel, especially when they frequent a certain area, or is it just me? 

Of course, I still need to get Jay out to California. I’m convinced he’d love the area in and around the north central part, if and when we get out there to visit.

I have discovered after the past two weeks that as tiring as travel can be, the more I do, the more I want to do. Like, I’m starting to wish I was independently wealthy, so that that’s how I could spend all my time. Flying or driving from place to place, sending postcards to all my penpals, and then coming home to write about it for the blog and my journal.

red velvet milkshake on table

Speaking of traveling – Again – We are heading to Omaha at the end of the month. I may have repeatedly mentioned on Instagram that we’re seeing The Slackers live because I am SO EXCITED for this concert! They don’t seem to tour the US all that extensively, so the handful of times they’ve played in Ohio, I’ve missed them.

But this year, they’re FINALLY coming close enough for me to make the trip. And since Jay’s sister and family live in Omaha, it’s a perfect place to go for the weekend. I asked about this on my Instagram stories yesterday but got nada, so I’ll try asking here – Got any restaurant or coffee recommendations?

We’re staying downtown, so places in and around there would be perfect. Leave me a comment with your suggestions!