Sunday’s Sundae

I debated on popping out to the grocery store, AGAIN. I spent most of the afternoon reading through a stack of Taste of Home magazines that Diana gave me about a month ago, and drooling over all the stuff I want to make. I came across a recipe for hot fudge cake that sounded really good–I haven’t made it in a long time, and I thought ice cream or whipped cream would be especially tasty on it. I never got around to making it, though, because while we did pop out to the grocery store (and we did pick up some ice cream), by the time we got home, I needed to get started on dinner, which was a couple of recipes from Everyday Food issues.

Yeah, I know I said May 1st was going to be my kick-off for eating better, working out again, etc., and bacon-wrapped chicken is kind of a heart attack on a plate. And while they were a huge pain in the arse to make (wrapping slimy bacon around slimy chicken isn’t all that easy), they smelled and tasted so good!

And in my defense, I did only eat 2 of them. Jay polished off the rest. The bambino took the bacon off his, ate half the slice, about 2 bites of chicken, then declared he was done. Jay picked up a new BBQ sauce yesterday that intrigued me enough that I did something I almost never do:

I dipped my chicken (avec bacon) in some BBQ sauce. The sauce in question?

It does pretty much taste like BBQ sauce mixed with some Dr. Pepper, but it’s got a little bit of a kick to it (I would’ve liked it just a bit spicier), and it’s smoky. I do not like sweet or honey-based BBQ sauces. Jay got it pretty much for the novelty of it, and had to pick his jaw up from the table when I asked for some for my plate. I’m debating on whether or not I want to thaw my last 2 chicken breasts and toss them on the grill Tuesday night, when it’ll finally be nice enough for us to get out the ol’ charcoal grill, just so I have an excuse to slather more of Dr. Pepper’s BBQ sauce on them!

Alongside the bacon-wrapped chicken (and the salad I didn’t bother photographing), I made some Salt & Vinegar Roasted Potatoes:

I was a little excited about making these, because I love salt & malt vinegar chips (or crisps), and I thought these sounded like a nice twist on my favorite junk food. The only complaint I had about these was that I probably didn’t put enough vinegar on the potatoes.

Crispy, salty, slightly vinegared potatoes. Yum.

While we were at the store, we picked up some ice cream. Since the only thing still sold in half-gallons is SDSU Ice Cream, that’s what I got.

I think Jay mentioned this to me before, but in checking out their website, I notice they have milk available for sale. I should start buying it there at the Dairy Bar (nothing personal Hy-Vee!). I also picked up some Hershey’s Syrup (I thought about making my own hot fudge, but Hershey’s was on sale):

And using some of this morning’s waffles, I made this:

And I have to say that the SDSU Vanilla is probably the best vanilla ice cream I’ve had in a good while. Not since EconoFoods closed, and I couldn’t get Cass-Clay ice cream any more. I’m debating on making a trek to the Dairy Bar tomorrow, just to check it out. We’ll see though. I also have laundry to do.