Let me give you my card…

I’m a geek when it comes to office supplies. Pens, papers, stationery, notebooks, notepads, anything with carbon copies, I love it all. I also like personalized things. I had an unusual enough last name (until I got married) that if something arrived with my full name on it, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. My sister Kendra still experiences a lack of personalized items, although I swear since moving to South Dakota, I’ve encountered more people with the name Kendra in the last 7 years than I had in 29 years living elsewhere. I always thought it was Old Norse (which would make sense, living in an area where the majority of people’s ancestry seems to be Norwegian), but according to a couple websites I scanned, it’s apparently English or Welsh in origin. Whatever. I really didn’t mean to go off on a tangent regarding my sister’s name.

What I did mean to blather on about was a package I got in today’s mail.

We keep CNBC on at work, and I kind of got sucked into some of the Vistaprint commercials. That, and I needed to update my blog cards, because my old ones:

Which were of higher quality, stated my being a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher, which I no longer am. So, I sort of branded myself with my new ones:

My contact info is on the backside, but I don’t really feel like posting my cell phone number for all the Internet to see. Now, if I can just find 495 people to hand these out to, I’ll be a happy camper!

Right after work, I made Jay take me to the store instead of going right home. I was out of java, and unless Jay & the bambino wanted to deal with Cranky Rachel tomorrow morning, I needed more.

I was going to get the Organic, Fair Trade coffee, but as soon as the bambino saw the “3” on the package, that’s the one he told me I should buy. So I did. Seattle’s Best was fairly cheap for coffee beans, and while I sometimes don’t like waiting on the coffee grinder, it is nice to make a cup o’joe from freshly ground beans.

I waffled on ordering some pizza for dinner…I’d forgotten all about a Papa John’s gift card that I’d won at a work lunch, but I figured I’d have to get carry-out in order to use it. And I was feeling completely lazy and didn’t want to go out again. So I made fish & chips:

Whenever I have fish & chips, I like having rolls with it.

It all stems from Frisch’s and high school. I’d always get the fish & chips combo, and it came with a dinner roll. That, and I just really like bread.

Tomorrow, we’re going to get up and head to the Brookings Summer Arts Festival. While we’ve bought a few things in the past, we mainly go for the festival food. The bambino is all pumped to have deep fried alligator meat again, and he says he’s going to try frog legs. I have a feel that what happened with the crab legs when we went to Red Lobster will happen with the frog legs (the bambino swore up & down he’d eat some but he got freaked out when he actually saw them). But we’ll see. At least he’s willing to try stuff like that. I don’t think there’s enough money in the world to pay me to try alligator meat!