“Lip up Fatty for de reggae…”

Yesterday I had this song stuck in my head:

And I actually skipped back upstairs when I was done with my afternoon break, because I was punch-drunk on the fact that it was sunny out. Plus, as I’ve said many times before, it’s hard to be in a bad mood when listening to ska (unless you’re my mom…I recall getting eye-rolls or being told to change CDs whenver I’d listen to ska at home, back before I moved out with my sister Kendra). Today, it’s raining, cold, and I feel drained. And in fact, as I type this, I hear thunder, which means I should probably hurry up with my post–I’m not a fan of having the computer on when there’s a thunderstorm.

Jay had a relatively long day too, and both of us were looking forward to just coming home and relaxing–Both of us have Monday off, so we get an extra-long weekend together. Last night, we popped out to the store to pick up a few things:

And because it was late enough, I made us get some Hy-Vee Chinese:

I got my usual Sesame Chicken. Jay tried the new Mango Chicken. He said the novelty of it was better than anything. I was a little curious about the new Pineapple Pork they also had, but I think I’d only try it if Jay got it. All that aside, after pizza and Chinese this week, I decided a home-cooked meal was in order.

Peppered Lemon Chicken Pasta. It’s been a long time since I’ve made it, and I almost forgot just how good it is.

It looks simple, but it packs just enough heat to make your lips tingle.

Jay liked it enough, he had thirds!

I had one & a half servings. Most of the spicy, buttery sauce had sank to the bottom of the bowl, and I wanted more of it to sop up with my bread.

Normally, I make the bambino eat whatever we eat. The most I do is set something aside without whatever sauce or topping I have for mine & Jay’s servings. I made an exception tonight to the “No Two Meals” rule.

I do remember the last time I fixed this, the bambino tried a bit, and cried because of the cayenne pepper burning his tiny mouth. And if he can’t really even handle Cincinnati Chili, I thought this might still be too much for him. So I let him have some chicken nuggets and cottage fries. Neither of which he finished.

After we all finished dinner, Jay asked if we had any ice cream for dessert. I mentioned the brownies I made the other night but that wasn’t quite what he wanted. I chuckled because as I told him, I was thinking while I was cooking that I might need to make a DQ run. And I did.

Blizzards for Jay & I, and a simple dish of vanilla for the bambino. It hit the spot.

In a way, I’m now glad that it’s crappy and raining out. It makes for nice sleeping weather, and I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning (even if sleeping in means only until 7, since that’s about when the bambino wakes up and starts chirping at us).