A Long Day

We spent most of today running errands both here in Brookings, as well as in Sioux Falls. We started by going grocery shopping here in town…And almost immediately, I was irritated. The bambino and I got stopped right in the doorway by some old lady chatting away in front of the carts, and she was in the perfect position to block us from even entering the store. Once she moved and we got our cart, we headed past the line by Starbucks, only to get stopped again by the same lady, who then blocked us a third time in front of the grape tomatoes. I managed to get past her (finally) and as I was making a “this is driving me crazy!” face, my friend’s husband caught me and just laughed. We had a little talk about what it is that possesses people in this town to block up the entire produce section for social hour (we have no idea why people do it).

After the grocery shopping was done, Jay and the bambino got hair cuts. They were both long overdue, as they were both venturing into mullet territory. Now they both look nice and neatly trimmed. Jay went a bit shorter than normal, and kind of looks like Alton Brown now (which is not a bad thing).

And after that, we headed down to Sioux Falls. I wanted to see the Ansel Adams exhibit at the Washington Pavilion, and let the bambino run around some of the science exhibits. I got to see my two favorite photos up close and personal, and debated on buying copies (but I didn’t). The bambino behaved himself this time, and we even had lunch at the cafe, before heading off to do some shopping for the bambino. After that, we headed over to World Market–I had a $10 off a $30 purchase coupon, so I picked up some soaps and lotion that was on sale, as well as some other goodies:

I’m excited about trying two things in particular:

Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup. I first read about it on French Revolution Food, although I didn’t think I’d be trying it any time soon. SoDak still lacks a Whole Foods, Williams-Sonoma, and any other “fancy” place I thought might carry it. I tend not to really order food online, so I didn’t bother adding some to my last Amazon order or anything like that. So, imagine my surprise when I saw it at World Market this afternoon! There are two varieties–Classic, as shown above, and Spiced. I went with Classic, just so the bambino could try it, not knowing how “hot” the Spiced variety might be. I haven’t decided exactly what I’m going to do with it, though…I thought about making meatloaf, as Kerry did, or maybe making homemade chicken tenders. I’ll mull it over this weekend.

I am also excited about trying these:

I’m a big fan of McCann’s Oatmeal, but I saw Flahavan’s on a bottom shelf, and figured I’d give them a try. It’s been awhile since I’ve had steel-cut oats anyway. I think I’ll test them out tomorrow morning.

I got another treat that wasn’t pictured above:

This pains me, though:

Why can’t we get these here in the States (without having to go to a specialty store)?! It was SO good. And it was separated into 3 sections, which made it simple to break apart and share with the bambino. I should’ve gotten about 5 or 6 more!

And because I just feel like it, I picked up a second scone mix:

Which I will give away to one reader! I know it’s not much, but I’m also a big fan of the Sticky Fingers scone mixes, and I just felt like doing a small giveaway. So I will run this through Friday, April 27th, at 6:00 PM CST. All I ask is that you leave a comment. Say “Hi,” tell me to go to Hell, tell me what you’re reading these days, whatever you feel like saying. I never require anyone to like my blog’s page on Facebook, although it would be nice to break that 50-fans mark. I also won’t ask you to follow me on Twitter, but if you want to, that’s great too. This giveaway is sponsored by me and me alone, so it’s open to anyone anywhere in the world.

And speaking of reading, I’ve got a lot to get done this weekend:

Between that, and my “mommy porn,” I’ll be busy!