Ten Summer Dessert Recipes

Now that summer’s heating up, you’re probably less inclined to turn the oven on. Browse this list of Ten Summer Dessert Recipes for cool treats that don’t always require heating up your house!

Here on the prairie (as is typical), we went from cold, rainy weather to heat and humidity practically overnight. That seems to happen after having the Winter That Never Ends. Spring pops up for a minute and then bam! Summer rolls in and cranks up the heat.

Every year, I try and hold off on having Jay install the air-conditioner downstairs (no, we don’t yet have central air), and usually he just takes it upon himself to pop it in when I’m working late. And he’s always right to have done so, because it’s SO much nicer indoors afterwards.

And though we have a good-sized A/C for the downstairs (we have another window unit upstairs), firing up the oven in the middle of a hot July day will take its toll on us, and will heat up the house uncomfortably. But just because it’s summer doesn’t mean I still won’t want a dessert, or might need one for a work potluck.

I pulled together ten dessert recipes that don’t necessarily require heating up the oven and are perfect to cap off any summer day. A few of them do have baking requirements, but you can plan ahead and do your baking early enough to avoid the hottest part of the day.

Ten Summer Dessert Recipes

This collection of dessert recipes showcases summer treats to beat the heat!