“I’m gonna move to Southern California”-My Weekend at Fresh Summit

I remember seeing a “making-of” special on this video way back in the day, and how it was done in one shot. Somewhere buried in the boxes in the basement I have the CD this is off of, although if memory serves, this is the only decent track on the album. What does this have to do with anything? I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was headed to Anaheim last weekend to attend the Fresh Summit Expo, and this song just happens to be stuck in my head now. So I thought I’d share.

I went with a group of bloggers coordinated by Casey from Kitchen Play–Dubbed “Team Fresh Summit,” we took this convention by storm!

Team Fresh Summit(Picture credit: Ever Clever Mom)

Back row: Carly, myself, Cristina. Front row, Jason, Heather, Cathy, Beth, Suki, Megan, Lori, Laura, Casey. Not pictured: Mimi (because she had to leave early).

Random aside: I knew absolutely NO ONE in this group, although I’ve actually been reading Megan’s blog for a couple years. That aside, everyone was really cool and down-to-earth, and Casey is that sort of person who will make you feel instantly comfortable, like you’ve known her for years within 5 minutes of meeting her for the first time.

I was in heaven–It was like a gigantic grocery store. And there were samples and food everywhere:

RaisinsFridge Case




NatureSweet Snacking TomatoesSuja Samples




Suavva SamplesHBF Tartlets







I even had a Potato Pandan Spudnut:


That was made by this guy:

Chef Jet Tila

Yep, that’s Chef Jet Tila. The bambino recognized him right off the bat when I showed him this picture–We’d watched Food Fighters over the summer.

One of the biggest things I took away from this whole weekend is that marketing (and I fully admit, I am NOT a marketing genius, and I have no marketing background at all) is swiftly carving out a bigger niche online and as a result of online behaviors. The two keynote speakers we listened to, Jeremy Gutsche and Gary Vaynerchuk, both made the point that if companies don’t stop with the tried & true and embrace the newer mediums and technologies out there, it’s not going to bode well for their futures.

Overall, I had a great time–I even won myself a bottle of olive oil from the California Olive Oil Council:

Enzo Olive Oil

If nothing else, I learned a LOT, both about marketing and food (produce) in general. Not to mention, I tried things I normally would avoid–I kind of took the “When in Rome…” attitude about eating “new” or “different” foods. And I feel like I made some new friends in the process. Expect a few more posts in the future–There’s just SO much more to talk about, and gods know, I love to talk about food!

DISCLOSURE: I received compensation as part of my participation with Team Fresh Summit. All thoughts and opinions are my own.