Slacker Saturday…

I am being extremely lazy right now. I need to clean the house, since my mom will be here Wednesday night, but I don’t want to. I didn’t even want to bother taking a shower today! We debated on also going to Sioux Falls, as we still needed to get a few things for the bambino’s Halloween costume. He’s going to be a paleontologist. In the end, we decided to head down for the day.  After getting all the errands completed, we popped into Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. We’ve found over the years that if we’re going for lunch, we’re better off having a late lunch, and if we’re going for dinner, we’re better off eating at senior citizen hour. So today, we got there around 3:45. Which was good, because we could have a semi-leisurely meal. We got some appetizers:

Buffalo wings, potato skins, and rattlesnake bites:

I didn’t have any of those. They’re kind of like a jalapeño popper, which I don’t care for. The first time Jay had these, he was sick the next day. I got a salad for one of my sides:

My only complaint is that Texas Roadhouse never puts more than about 5 or 6 croutons on their salads. I suppose I could always just have a bite of bread or something, but still. For my main entree, I got a steak and baked potato:

A juicy, delicious steak, perfectly cooked:

Medium. I used to get steaks cooked well-done, but as I got older, I got tired of them being too dried out. Then I started getting them medium-well, which was somewhat of an improvement, but nine times out of ten, I can’t get one cooked decently that way either. So I’ve started ordering my steaks medium. When they’re actually cooked medium, they’re perfect. Juicy, tender. However, more often than not, they end up more along the rare side in the center, which I can’t quite do. I’m weird about food…If I think too much about what I’m eating (if it’s an animal product), it makes me a little squeamish and queasy. Which means I probably should become vegetarian or something, but if I don’t think too much about it, animal flesh and other by-products taste pretty good.

Jay decided to be a bit healthier than I was with his choice of meal (well, except for the apps, of course):

Grilled salmon, baked sweet potato, and baked beans on the side.

After we were done with dinner, we popped into World Market. We missed their wine tasting by about 20 minutes. No big deal, though. I bought a few bottles of wine, as they were also having a sale on all their reds, if you bought 4 or more:

We actually got 2 more bottles, but since they’re gifts, I didn’t photograph them, in case the recipients read this. We also picked up a few other goodies:

Yeah, that bar didn’t last very long. Maybe a whole half-hour after we got home. We also got this:

I can’t wait to make these! Once I pointed out to the bambino that these are made by the same company that does Dark Chocolate Dreams, he got really excited. We still have at least 10 of the cupcakes I made last weekend to eat, though, so I think the Peanut Butter & Co. cupcakes are going to have to wait!