Measures of Austerity

Part of our budgeting, etc. for this new year includes no eating out…Other than once a month. At the end of the month, we’ll treat ourselves to an evening out, be it here in Brookings, or Sioux Falls (when the weather gets nicer). Last week alone, I think I only cooked twice, and I ate out for lunch almost every day. Needless to say, that has to stop. Especially after Jay and I bought ourselves a Christmas present yesterday–A scale that lets you track your weight. And oh, I felt AWFUL after I stepped on it yesterday. I’m not going to publicize my weight, but let’s just say that I haven’t weighed this much since I was pregnant. Ugh. Part of our whole New Year’s Resolution package for this year involves getting into some better shape, and eating better–Which, if we’re cutting out most of our restaurant meals, I think that will help a lot. Which isn’t to say that you can’t eat crappy at home…But that book on anger/management Jay’s reading has a lot of Buddhist tenants in it, one of which is being mindful of everything, including eating. Which I tried doing last night during dinner.

The Pioneer Woman’s BBQ Meatballs. I really think this is my favorite dish of hers that I’ve made. I also tried her Cheese Grits:

And yes, I obviously need to figure out the white balance on my camera. It’s a work in progress. I halved the grits recipe, and it still made more than enough for the three of us. I was the only one who really even liked them, so I’ll have to figure out something to do with the leftovers.

And some green beans. I seem to only be able to eat the buggers when they’re French-cut and have almonds sprinkled on them. At least I am eating them more often.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but it was enough. Since we didn’t have our tea and cake Friday night, after we were done eating, we had tea and biscuits last night. It was nice. I thought of actually making a cake this week, although most likely, we’ll have the bambino’s birthday cake left over. Instead, I made some brownies, since I’d like a little something sweet for my lunch this week. I’ve been using Special Dark Cocoa as of late, and I LOVE how dark and fudgy it made my brownies:

I had a very hard time not sitting down with a spoon and just eating the batter as-is. The brownies are just as good after baking, though:

Jay’s already had about 5 of them, which is fine. I’d rather they get eaten, unlike my spicy cookies that weren’t, and which I tossed yesterday. After the brownies were done, I got started on dinner:

Steak au Poivre, and roasted potatoes:

It was pretty good. I’ve wanted to make Steak au Poivre  for awhile now, and just decided I would. I’d wanted to serve it with fingerling potatoes, but the grocery store didn’t have them when I popped in there the other day. While we liked the dish, Jay thought it was just slightly below his tolerance level for peppery things. I didn’t mind it, but the pepper was just a little overpowering. Still, there’s a steak and a half left, and I’m not going to waste it!