“I walked a dinosaur…”

It’s already been a busy morning, and I’ve still got scads to do today. I came downstairs a little after 7, and noticed a storm rolling in from the west. I tried to get outside quickly enough to take some pictures, because the sunrise lit up the trees behind our house beautifully, but I wasn’t quite fast enough. I started snapping pictures of the garden instead. We have a LOT of cherry tomatoes:

The plant is big enough that it’s bent the tomato cage we had around it:

You can kind of see it there in the background. After I heard a couple cracks of thunder, I figured I should go back inside, and I got to work on breakfast.

Another reminder of home:

I got another lump in my throat after remembering that the last time I ate at a Bob Evans was the last time I got to see my grandfather before he passed away. I love their breakfasts…And their chicken strip dinners. WAY better than Perkins. I miss Ohio…Especially once it starts getting to be late summer/early autumn…I get REALLY homesick. Maybe next year I’ll be able to make it back.

I got the Texas toast browned and the sausage cooked, but as soon as I started pouring the eggs on the griddle, I immediately knew there would be problems:

Note to self: If you’re going to cook eggs on a griddle like this, make sure the stove is actually level. And try not to spill:

At least that’s all that overflowed. I was actually wishing for the contraption that McDonald’s uses to cook the eggs which go on all the biscuit breakfast sandwiches…That would’ve been really handy, and less messy. But in spite of my mess, the sandwiches turned out really well:

I need to work on getting thinner sausage patties, though. Next time for sure!

After we ate, and I washed some dishes, I got to work on the dessert I was taking over to Jay’s parents’ for Sunday dinner this week. Cupcakes. Dinosaur Sprinkled Cupcakes. The recipe is actually called “Paintbox Cupcakes,” but that was a little too feminine, since I was making these for my son & his cousins. So I figured green food coloring and dinosaur sprinkles would masculenize them a bit.

I was thinking that having to divide the batter into 3 bowls and add different ingredients to 2 of the bowls would be more of a pain that it actually was. And they looked rather jungle-ish/lizardy-habitat-ish when they came out of the oven (you’ll have to take my word for it, as I forgot to photograph that step in the process!). After I got showered and did more dishes, I got the buttercream made and the bambino did the sprinkles:

Since the bambino chose green food coloring instead of blue, I thought too they’d make a good base if ever I needed to make camouflage cupcakes for some reason.

I think that will be the extent of my cooking and baking today. I’m trying to decide what I want to do for dinner tonight…I was originally going to make 3-ways, but since I ate my Graeter’s already, I might just make something else instead. I don’t know what yet, though!