Tiramisu Stuffed French Toast

This post contains affiliate links. Need a unique breakfast idea? Make this Tiramisu Stuffed French Toast. Filled with an espresso-laced mascarpone cream, it’s topped with a mocha glaze. The best thing about Tiramisu Stuffed French Toast is that you can assemble it ahead of time and make it the next morning!

A white plate sits on a black towel with white polka dots. The plate has two slices of French toast drizzled with a mocha glaze.

Remember me? It’s been a little while since my last post.

I know this year has been a weird one for everybody, myself included. A friend noted recently that this has been both the longest year ever and has flown by at a ridiculous pace.

A lot has happened, as well as nothing really has been happening. Things seem to have dragged on and on without end, and March seems like it was five years ago.

But also, it’s hard to believe Christmas is tomorrow. I feel like I’m woefully unprepared for everything except for the holiday meals. And that’s typical.

Every year, I swear I’m going to have a better game plan, and will NOT be up until the wee hours of the morn wrapping the bambino’s gifts. But yet again, this is not that year.

A white plate sits on a black towel with white polka dots. The plate has two slices of French toast drizzled with a mocha glaze.

There’s been so much craziness with work, as well. The company I work for had a couple rounds of layoffs, and while I was lucky to have survived those rounds, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been affected by the fallout.

For one thing, the department I’m currently in was, in essence, cut in half. And our workload wound up being a lot more than was first anticipated. There was a lot of feeling overwhelmed and/or drowning by a few of us.

And the past couple weeks have brought news of some upcoming changes that left me reeling. Unfortunately, I can’t say much more than that right now, but we’ll leave it at the fact that I haven’t been this discouraged about work since I spent most of 2003 and a good portion of 2004 trying (and failing miserably) to get hired on at any law firm in and around the Columbus, Ohio area.

Which, in hindsight, I guess was a good thing, since it brought me to South Dakota. Though the past four years have made me realize I need to get out of this state, for many many reasons.

I have already informed the bambino that I’m willing to stay here until he graduates high school, but then I’m moving. My initial inclination is to move back to Cincinnati, but even that’s been bittersweetly tainted now because of work. The Pacific Northwest has always been in the back of my head as an area I might want to live as well, though I’m not sure my seasonal depression could handle it.

So I don’t know where I’m going to end up. I’ve got approximately five years to figure it out. 


A white plate sits on a black towel with white polka dots. The plate has two slices of French toast drizzled with a mocha glaze. One of the pieces has been cut in half.

In the meantime, I’m reverting to what helped me get through the end of 2015. A flurry of holiday baking and rage-cooking.

I decided that if nothing else, though blogging doesn’t make enough money to do it full-time, it is a great stress-reliever for me. I’ve said for years that baking is cheaper than therapy.

And since it’s not like we can really go places or do too much of anything right now, we might as well eat decently while staying at home.

One of the other things I’ve been doing has been to update old photos on the blog, which involves revisiting old recipes. Recipes that taste amazing, but because I had crap equipment at the time, had utterly crap photos.

Such as Tiramisu Cookies. Delicious cookies. Shite photography (until last week).

And in going through and updating things, I realized I mentioned the possibility of making some Stuffed French Toast with the leftover filling. I never wound up doing that seven years ago when I first made the cookies. So this time, I did.

A white plate sits on a black towel with white polka dots. The plate has two slices of French toast drizzled with a mocha glaze. One of the pieces has a chunk cut off that is still on the fork.

And I am kicking myself for not making this sooner! I love French toast anyway, but stuffed French toast is even better than normal French Toast. And when you add in the flavors of Tiramisu?


I will mention that as far as the glaze goes, this is an instance where you want to try and use the best-quality ingredients you can afford. I’ve made it with grocery store brand cocoa powder and instant coffee, as well as higher-quality cocoa powder and instant espresso powder, and believe me, you can taste the difference.

Which is not to say that it won’t still be excellent-tasting if you use generic/store-brand ingredients, because it will be. But if you can afford higher-quality ingredients, it will put your already-amazing breakfast over the top.

You can also cut down your day-of prep time by assembling the dish ahead of time, then baking or frying the toast the next day. The recipe has instructions for both methods (Thanks to the Egg Farmers of Canada for the instructions on how to prep everything ahead of time, WITHOUT turning this into a French toast casserole).

If you need a Christmas morning breakfast idea, Tiramisu Stuffed French Toast would be perfect. Of course, it’s also perfect as a dessert, or any weekend you want to make a little more special.

Yield: 3 servings

Tiramisu Stuffed French Toast

A white plate sits on a black towel with white polka dots. The plate has two slices of French toast drizzled with a mocha glaze.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Additional Time 8 hours
Total Time 8 hours 45 minutes


  • 6 slices Texas toast or thickly-sliced brioche
  • Cooking spray or butter, for greasing

For the Filling:

  • 8 oz. mascarpone, room temperature
  • 3 Tbsp. unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp. instant espresso powder
  • 2 C powdered sugar

For the Custard:

  • 4 large eggs
  • 1/2 C milk
  • 1 tsp. butter rum extract
  • 1 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon

For the Glaze:

  • 1/2 C powdered sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 Tbsp. instant coffee
  • 2 oz. heavy cream


  1. Make the filling first. In a small bowl, combine the vanilla and instant espresso powder, and mix until the espresso powder has dissolved.
  2. In a medium mixing bowl, beat together the mascarpone, butter, and vanilla-espresso mixture. Slowly add in the powdered sugar. Set aside while assembling the rest of the dish.
  3. Very carefully, cut a slit about 3 inches deep into the side of each slice of bread. This is where your filling will go. Using a small offset spatula, fill with approximately 2 Tbsp. of the mascarpone filling.
  4. In a 9x13-inch baking dish, whisk together the eggs, milk, extracts, and cinnamon. Place the bread in the dish, and allow to sit for 3 to 5 minutes. Carefully flip the bread over, then cover and refrigerate overnight.
  5. The next morning, begin heating a griddle pan until a drop of water sizzles when sprinkled on the griddle.
  6. While the griddle heats, make the glaze. In a small bowl, whisk together the powdered sugar, cocoa powder, and instant espresso powder. Continue whisking while slowly streaming in the heavy cream until the glaze is the desired consistency. Set aside.
  7. Carefully spray the griddle with cooking spray or grease with butter. Add the pre-soaked bread and cook 5 to 7 minutes before flipping. Cook 5 to 7 minutes more.
  8. Place the bread on a plate, and drizzle with the mocha glaze before serving.


To bake the French toast instead of the traditional stovetop method, preheat your oven to 375 degrees F. Place the bread slices on a nonstick baking sheet or one sprayed with cooking spray (or grease the baking sheet with butter). Bake for 10 minutes, then flip and bake 10 to 12 minutes more. While the toast is baking, make the glaze.

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