Sunday evening…

We went for a walk this afternoon. Around 1, Jay decided we’d been lazy slugs long enough, so we popped out to visit the newest resident of Brookings:

The T Rex, which went up a couple weeks ago, is part of the Children’s Museum of South Dakota, which is supposed to open later this year. It’s exciting to see it all coming together, and I can’t wait to take the bambino to it.

We took a stroll through our old neighborhood, the downtown area:

We bought our house just about 2 months before the bambino was born, and about 6 months before the city started ripping up Main Street to redo it (it looks much nicer than when Jay & I lived downtown). After that, we came home, I (finally) got the laundry started, Jay went to check on the garden, and then I started on dinner.

Well, as usual, Jay got the grill started, then I did the rest of the work.

Jay really seems to like the peppers grilled. I did not sample any this time. It was such a nice evening, that I almost suggested another walk. I started taking pictures around the yard. And I wished we had a café tableset for the porch. Ah, well. Someday, right? Even though I was stuffed, I still opted for some dessert:

Oh, Blue Bunny. How I love/hate you! And since I still need to pack my lunch as well as put the rest of the laundry away, I should get crackin’ and get myself to bed. Tomorrow’s a run day!