Wednesday Rambles

Rainy Window

Hello from a miserably damp South Dakota. I almost skipped posting today because I feel awful. Not only did I get that cavity filled this afternoon, but I have also come down with a dreaded spring cold.

Which is not surprising at all, since I had the dentist appointment this afternoon, I’m leaving work early tomorrow to do laundry and pack, because on Friday, I’m supposed to head to Minneapolis for the weekend. Oh, and the dreaded S-word is back in the forecast…That’s right. S-N-O-W. Winter NEVER ENDS.

Spring keeps teasing us. A week of nice weather, a few days of crap. Another week, maybe two weeks of nice weather, then more crap. 

Like last weekend. It was positively gorgeous out. Gorgeous enough that we walked up to the first Farmers Market of this year:

Farmers Market Sign

Since it’s Spring (sort of) and early in the season here on the prairie, there wasn’t a whole lot. We stopped to get cold brews from my favorite coffee shop:

Kool Beans Coffee

And then I proceeded to buy some bread (for me), some vanilla (also for me), and some honey (for the bambino):

Farmers Market Haul

I haven’t had a chance to use the vanilla, but the bambino tried a sample of the honey there at the market and loved it.

After we left the Farmers Market, we headed over to the new doughnut shop in town. That’s right, we have a doughnut shop in Brookings!

Micro Doughnuts

Micro Doughnuts! They are teeny-tiny bite-sized doughnuts:

Micro Doughnuts

The day they opened, I bought some for work, and they were quite a hit. The bambino and I tried to go on Friday, after I picked him up from school, not realizing they’d changed their hours from 6am-6pm to 6am-2pm. So on Saturday, I promised him we’d go after the Farmers Market.

They are truly micro-sized – Think packaged do-nette-sized. But they are fun, and good for portion-control if you’re like me and could eat a dozen regular-sized doughnuts.

I’ve been on the hunt for a new messenger bag for a few months now – I typically use the same purse for years at a time, so I don’t mind making the investment in a quality bag that will last. I thought I’d found my perfect replacement on Food52 of all places.

I signed up for RedhouseVT‘s mailing list so I could get a fifteen percent discount on my first order. They sent me an email notifying me of a spring sale with a code for twenty percent off, so I ordered my perfect replacement messenger bag.

Red House Box

Or so I thought. It is a gorgeous bag…

Red House Bag

And they even enclosed a little hand-written note on my packing slip.

But…The strap isn’t long enough! It’s perfect in every other way, but the strap is too short (which I think is kind of silly for me to say, because I am all of five feet, two inches tall). I like my bag to sit right on my hip, and this one sits just close enough to my waist to be uncomfortable.

I still have a couple more days to decide if I want to return it. I really want to like it – And I don’t want to have to try and find a way to commission a replacement strap. But I don’t know.

Some things that arrived that I won’t be returning, though, are my lovely Tartan Journals:

Plaid Journals

I want to start using them right away – But I have a self-imposed rule that I don’t start a new book until I finish the one I’m currently using. And since my current journal was a gift from the bambino, I will use it until it’s filled.

With that, I’m off to my couch, because my face hurts and I’ve got time to kill while I wait for the cold medicine to kick in.