Sunday shopping

We did pop over to Jay’s parents’ house this afternoon. The bambino had a LOT of fun playing with his cousins. To the point that I think Grandpa might’ve been a little annoyed at all the noise from 3 tiny little boys!

After we finished up there, we headed out grocery shopping. I’m hoping that other than hitting the farmers’ market on Wednesday, I won’t really need to go shopping again for awhile.

Paper products. The ones in the back were the most-needed, as usual.

Meat. And a lot of it. I’m hoping to make some Big Fat Bacon Sliders sometime soon.

Hence the “junior” burger buns.

We do love our dairy in this house. And I wanted more Fage, since I’ve been out for awhile. And I’ve been enjoying my smoothies for breakfast in the past week.

Some produce. I originally planned on making mashed potatoes, steak, and an attempt at Red Lobster biscuits for dinner tonight, but we’ve had beef basically for the last 3 meals. We went to Nick’s for lunch yesterday, I grilled burgers & hot dogs for dinner last night, and my father-in-law grilled burgers & brats this afternoon. I’m a little burned out on beef at the moment, so I’m going to try some chicken piccata for dinner. I don’t have capers, but that’s fine. I’ll make some pasta to go with it.

Hy-Vee’s starting this new deal where they always have a wine for $3, $6 or $9 on sale. When we popped out to the store on Friday, they had samples of the $6 wines (you gotta love a grocery store that will hand out free wine samples!), which I thought were pretty good. I was going to pick up a couple of those, but figured I’d try the $3 wines instead. I figure that for $6/total, if they really suck, I’m not out that much. Plus, they pad out my wine rack:

And there’s my dusty old bottle of Klingon Blood Wine that I brought back from Vegas way back in 2006. Right before they stopped allowing you to carry more than 3 oz. of liquid on a plane. Ah, memories.

And with that, I should probably get started on our dinner. My stomach’s starting to rumble!