“Thirteen’s my lucky number…To you it means stay inside…”

I should probably be unloading my dishwasher or making/frying meatballs right now…But unless I have to go to work, it takes me awhile to get going most mornings. I finally got to cleaning Thursday afternoon:

The bathroom & kitchen are the worst rooms (to me) to clean, since they seem to be the dirtiest at any time. I suppose that’s because they’re the 2 rooms in the house that see the most use. In between cooking the meatballs and risotto balls I’m going to clean up the rest of the house.

I also need to get the leaf in the table at some point, but I know Jay will help me with that.

I asked to leave early yesterday with the intention of getting my beverages, getting the almond torte and the tiramisu made, and starting on the dusting. Forces prevented me from leaving on time, and getting through the grocery store on a Friday is next to impossible. I popped into the liquor store first, to get the amaretto I needed for the tiramisu. Then I attempted to dash through the store. Abby had taken me out to lunch, and because I wanted something sweet, I stopped at Starbucks for some hot chocolate (salted caramel). They’re training a new guy and I had to wait a bit for my drink (which was fine–I’m of the belief that you learn best by doing and having worked in food/beverage service many years, I’m a lot more patient with new people because I’ve been there myself). I then cut down the canned goods aisle, only to see about 8 people looking for the best priced peas–And one old crone standing there with her 8 cans of Mandarin oranges, stopped, talking on her cell phone. Why is that necessary? My phone doesn’t even GET reception inside the store most days! And the bit of her conversation I caught was something about someone coming to the house, and she was at the grocery store, and boy was it sure nice that the weekend was here, don’tcha know. Ugh. I couldn’t help it, but I shot her a dirty look as I breezed past her.

The meat department was jam-packed, but that’s nothing new for a Friday. I forgot to thaw my ground beef here at home, so I had to buy another pound. No matter. It’ll all get eaten one way or another. I spent the most time in the wine section. I was going to get a few bottles of Barefoot Wine (they were on sale),  but instead I got 3 bottles of Cupcake Wine (a Shiraz, Pinot Noir & a Merlot) which were also on sale, but a little more expensive than the Barefoot. They’ve been advertised through Foodbuzz, and I thought I’d give them a try. We’ll see how they are. I also have a Yellow Tail Merlot I can open if necessary.

By the time I got home, though, I had enough time to assemble my ingredients for the tiramisu, wash the dish I was going to use for it, change my clothes, check the mail, and hop online for about 10 minutes. Then I left to go pick up Jay & the bambino. When we got home, I did get started on the tiramisu. I hope it’s good. It looks good:

I do still need to dust cocoa on top, but I’ll do that closer to whenever guests begin showing up. Funny that I’ve been so excited to make that, but I had a really hard time not taking a giant bite out of the almond torte:

I love toasted almonds, and this smelled so good while it was baking! The recipe calls to serve it with sliced strawberries & whipped cream, but I could’ve eaten it as is.

I’ll hold off on making the whipped cream & thawing the berries until later. And now that I’ve been up for 2 hours, had my customary cup of Fage & 2 cups of coffee, I should get my butt moving. This house ain’t going to clean itself!