“Better run, better run, outrun my gun…”

A very dark, but catchy little ditty, ain’t it? It’s been stuck in my head all day, but that’s fine. I’m not feeling 100% right now, due to my yearly episode of back pain. Thanks to both genetics and a work-related injury a few years ago, I get back spasms every so often. Right now, I’m waiting on my prescription-strength ibuprofen to kick in, as we have a picnic to attend this evening, for the bambino’s daycare. I’m also now at home, sitting on my massage-heating chairpad, in the hopes that between that & the drugs, I’ll stop hobbling around like an old lady.

As such, I don’t think I’m going to be doing much in the way of cooking this evening, and I don’t know yet if we will be going to the picnic (if I can’t walk very well, I’m sure as hell not going to wander around a park chasing after my child). Instead of posting a recipe or food photos, I thought I’d just post my wish list of things I eventually hope to get for my kitchen. I suppose it means a better job of saving up on my part, since it’s doubtful Jay & I will be winning the lottery any time soon (it probably would help if we actually bought lottery tickets, but we don’t)!

First up, is a stand mixer.

Breville’s 5-quart Die-Cast Stand Mixer to be exact. Ever since they sent me a juicer, I’ve kind of felt a little brand-loyalty towards them. Plus, their appliances just look so cool!

Next, I’d like a food processor.

Honestly, I don’t think I’d use it for a whole lot more than dough making and chopping up nuts…Maybe making my own nut butters. Still, there have been times I’ve used a mini-chopper for a few things, and it just takes a lot of extra work.

Also from Cuisinart, an ice cream maker.

We go through a LOT of ice cream, and not just in the summer time–I’m one of those people who will eat it year-round. I’d like to start making my own, just because I’d know what all was in there. That, and there is nothing better in the world than homemade vanilla ice cream…Except maybe homemade chocolate ice cream.

And finally from Cuisinart, a rice cooker.

I do already have a rice cooker, but I’m not overly thrilled with it. I’ve found that I have better luck cooking rice on the stovetop, although one thing I do like about my rice cooker is that occasionally, it makes a rice “crust,” and I love crunchy/crusty bits on things like rice or casseroles, etc.

Next on my list:

A French fry baking sheet. Besides going through a lot of ice cream in our house, we go through a LOT of fries, be they regular potato fries, or sweet potato fries. And I like crispy, crunchy fries. Especially when I make sweet potato fries–The crisper, the better!


Yes, a new camera. A new Olympus camera, actually. I’ve been a huge fan of Olympus cameras since I got an Olympus film camera (remember film?) for the Christmas before I went to the British Isles on spring break. In fact, the most recent film camera I bought (before I moved to SoDak) was an Olympus. I debated last summer about getting one, but I went with a Nikon instead. Frankly, I want something a little better for taking food pictures, but I don’t necessarily want to monkey around with a DSLR, even though that seems to be a “necessity” if one is to be a serious food blogger. And while I’ve never used a DSLR, my mom had a film SLR while I was growing up, so I’m somewhat familiar with them.

Along with the new camera, I’d like one of these:

A table-top tripod for compact cameras! I found it on B & H Photo’s website one afternoon, after daydreaming about winning a Pioneer Woman giveaway. Obviously, I didn’t win it, but I found a BUNCH of things I’d like.

So that’s my wish list…For right now, anyway. I’m sure I’ll add to it…I can already think of about half a dozen specialty baking pans I want!