Some random stuff

We got some good news at work Tuesday–Looks like we’ll be getting bonus checks sometime this month. After all my whining, it’ll be nice having a small windfall to take the sting out of the ever-tightening budget. I have a mini list of things I may or may not purchase. By & large, I think I’m just going to hang on to the bulk of it. However, Social Distortion has a new album out that I need (I don’t think I’ve yet professed my love for Mike Ness since I started this blog), and I think I might go ahead & get myself some printer ink, since I’m sure what’s in my printer at the moment is all dried up. And I might go a little wild with grocery shopping–Maybe actually buy some meat this time or something!

Our year-end statements showed up Wednesday afternoon. Normally it takes me 2 full days to get them sorted, then another to get them in the mail. FedEx dropped them off around 1. I got to work on sorting them, and had enough time to start working on my boss’s. Had I not had plans right after work, I’d’ve just stayed to finish them up, but a bunch of us who worked together on the teller line back when I first started at the bank were meeting up with another girl who’s working at our branch up in Watertown now (she was in Brookings for the day). I stayed a lot later than I’d planned, but it was a lot of fun.

My boss sort of issued me a challenge yesterday–He made it clear that he wanted them in the mail by Friday, which meant I had to bust arse to get them sorted & distributed to all the officers for review on Thursday. And then he left for an appointment down in Vermillion, SD. I am happy to say that I was taking the last stack back to one of the officers as he walked in the door after returning to Brookings. I can spend all day today stuffing envelopes, which is the easiest part! And while I do have to work tomorrow morning, it won’t be so bad…I don’t have a lot to get caught up on, thankfully.

Jay bought pizza for he & the bambino when I was out Tuesday, but I cooked last night. We’re out of potatoes, and since I putzed around too long to cook rice (I only have brown rice, which is good, but takes a long time to cook), so I started rummaging through the pantry to find something to go along with the pork chops I was making. I found some orzo that I decided to cook up.

I cooked it per package directions, then drizzled some olive oil, salt, pepper, and some additional seasonings over it:

I let Jay decide on which of the bread seasonings to use. I think he picked a good one, as the orzo was delicious! The pork chops were too.

That would be the other half of the bambino’s pork chop. I sometimes have a tendency to forget about taking pictures before I set things on the table, and we were all pretty hungry by the time dinner was ready.

Once dinner was done, I felt dessert was necessary. And that it needed to include Nutella.

I had a semi-wacky idea. Since the jar was almost empty,

and I wasn’t about to save it for my oatmeal, I stuffed the jar with some ice cream.

ICIAJ, anyone? It wasn’t anything special…Quite frankly, I just didn’t want to go to the additional trouble of nuking the Nutella in the microwave to make more of a sauce, so I just let the ice cream chill it, and then scraped it off as I ate!

And with that, I suppose I should finish up my grapefruit (I woke up starving, and it just sounded delicious), then get showered & ready for work. Only a day & a half to go before the weekend!