The usual Sunday evening collection of randomness…

I never bothered with my hedges yesterday. Jay was a busy bee in the morning…As the bambino & I pulled into the driveway, we noticed him mowing the lawn. When he came inside, he cleaned up his man-cave the toy room, and after about an hour, he had it looking rather nice & tidy. Of course, within about 5 minutes, the bambino had it looking like a tornado had hit it, but I have learned that with a toddler, the expectation for a clean house is completely unrealistic, and will never happen (at least not until he leaves home, and I often threaten to just lock him in the basement until he’s about 50. Maybe even 60.). And I’m not exactly a neat-freak to begin with.

Anyway…I spent a good chunk of the day debating on whether or not to bake bread or work on soup…And I did a lot of recipe-reading, and menu-tweaking. Before I knew it, Jay had popped in “Office Space,” I made some popcorn, and when it was over, Jay offered to go and fire up the grill. I had some steaks that I’d thawed, and I gave the bambino the option of steak or baked eggs in tomato cups for dinner. Not surprisingly, he chose steak. So I got to work prepping stuff:

I had wanted to pop up to work yesterday morning to get more sweet corn, but I forgot about it until after the bank had closed for the weekend. No matter. I made homemade fries again too:

I briefly thought about making steak au poivre instead of grilling, but it’s the unofficial last weekend of summer, so I felt the grilling was warranted. And they were delicious:

I grilled a pepper for Jay too, but again, didn’t have any. Jay bought a large tub of ice cream so we had some of that for dessert.

When I got up this morning, I first thought about making pancakes with bacon for breakfast, but then I remembered I had half a loaf of pumpkin bread left from last week. I’d wanted to try pumpkin bread French toast last weekend, but never got around to it. So that’s what I did this morning.

I commented to Jay that while it’s a diabetic’s nightmare, it was delicious, and I was rather pleased with myself with how well it turned out.

Even the bambino scarfed it down, and even when he tells me he likes the waffles/pancakes/French toast I make, he’ll fill up on whatever breakfast meat I also fix. This time, he ate 1 slice of bacon, and a full slice of bread. I was impressed (and pleased).

After that, while Jay was dealing with 2 yellow jackets that had infiltrated our living room, I got up off my butt, got dressed, and went outside to trim up the hedges again. It didn’t take too long–About an hour/hour & a half, which is a far cry from the last time I battled them. Jay was nice enough to come outside & help me with the clean up, which didn’t take too long either. I think I went outside around 11, and by 1:30, we were walking down the block, chasing the bambino on his Batman bike. Then we showered, ran some errands, and came home. I could’ve taken another nap this afternoon, but fought sleep. I didn’t sleep that well last night, and with the yard work this afternoon, I will more than likely crash shortly after the bambino goes to bed. I did decide that instead of the baked eggs in tomato cups I was going to make tonight, we were eating at Guadalajara, because I just do not have the energy for anything right now (thank gods for my laptop, as I am vegging out in front of my TV, watching “Dateline” as I type this entry!).

My favorite thing about Guadalajara is the salsa. I’ve said before that I do not like chunky salsas, and while there are chunks in this salsa, it’s just liquid enough that I love it. I love their chips too:

They’re always warm when they arrive at the table. I ordered tacos again:

And I always get extra rice instead of beans, as I dislike any beans in any form:

And we were seated in the perfect booth (for me, anyway):

And now I am in the comfort of my living room, in my elastic-waist pants, and will probably be in bed in about 2 more hours. I’m thinking that tomorrow, I will make my soup, bake some bread, and get the laundry done. I should also go for a run.