Work with Me

Being in small-town South Dakota, I offer a unique perspective in the world of food blogging, and I have a loyal following of readers. I am happy to help promote your brand and spread the word.

  • Recipe Development – I can create and photograph recipes for use either here on Tramplingrose or on your company’s website.
  • Product Reviews – If you have a product you feel will fit on Tramplingrose, I am willing to review it. Acceptance of a product does not necessarily guarantee a full post, but I may instead mention it in passing or on social media. For a dedicated review post, I would prefer it be done in conjunction with a giveaway, and the same product awarded as a prize to one of my readers.
  • Brand Ambassador – I am more than happy to work with brands I am familiar with and use regularly.
  • Advertisement – Please contact me for ad sizes and rates, if you think your product would be a good fit. As I am limited in my web coding/design capabilities, it is your responsibility to create the appropriate ad codes. I reserve the right to refuse any ads I do not deem appropriate for Tramplingrose.

Got other ideas? Please either email me ( or leave a message through my Contact Page.

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